The magic of the modelling

Human beings perception of the universe and reality is based on his senses, sight, hearing, smell, taste and touch; What we see as the “Reality” is not the reality, there are many voices we cannot hear, many frequencies of electromagnetic waves we can not see, and this constraint on our perception is what empowers us to survive from the first day of the history. We get data from our environment as much as we need to solve the “Surviving” problem. We are living with a model of reality which our brain makes. It’s the magic of “Modelling”. Modelling means “Focus on that part of the reality which helps you to solve the problem”.
In the software design, we encounter the same concepts. when you want to solve a problem in a specific domain, you need to model it regard to the problem you have at hand, not the reality is out there.
It’s the core concept of DDD.
Take a look at the ” What is DDD – Eric Evans – DDD Europe 2019″.