Bedtime Coding

More than fifteen years ago, when I had started my career path, I was working with a team lead who used to arrange some study tasks for the team to improve team technical skills, the assigned topics were more than the time we had on an ordinary day, he believed some of these topics should be studied bedtime reading, by “bedtime reading” he meant those time we were struggling to shut-down our brain and fall in sleep at night. He thought we had to study technical topics in those suffering minutes instead of counting sheep. That tactic worked so that our team was the best in the company. These days, I am applying a similar approach to my team, but instead of bedtime reading, we have “bedtime coding.” I believe these guys will be the best of the developers I have worked with. This link is an android game, a result of my team members’ bedtime coding. Thanks, guys.

Download the Tile Game here!