Software Architecture Definition Dissection

Software Architecture Definition Dissection Whenever we have a software project in hand, most of the time, it means we have encountered either a problem or an opportunity in a business domain. Regardless of the methodology and approach, we are using to manage the development process, we need to do some activities which RUP calls them Read More…

May 30, 2020


First of all, I should say, I am neither a physicist nor a chemist, so this post is not about Physic nor chemistry, it’s about software engineering, however, viscosity is still a characteristic of fluids. In this article, I will define viscosity as a symptom in the software development process. Based on a simple definition Read More…

May 8, 2020
Cinema myEspresso

Can you model “Trousers”?

What does the picture of this post model, “Trousers” or “Ass”? It depends on the bounded context you are in and looking out the outside world. This is a great presentaion about bounded contexts by Cyrille Martraire.

May 1, 2020
Cinema myEspresso

The magic of the modelling

Human beings perception of the universe and reality is based on his senses, sight, hearing, smell, taste and touch; What we see as the “Reality” is not the reality, there are many voices we cannot hear, many frequencies of electromagnetic waves we can not see, and this constraint on our perception is what empowers us Read More…

April 24, 2020

Interactive map for Object-oriented concepts

The object-oriented paradigm is founded on a collection of concepts and principles which have a hierarchical relationship with each other. When moving towards from concepts to design patterns the problems and solutions get more concrete and sensible. Here it is a map which shows this hierarchy and how each philosophy of problem-solving in the object-oriented Read More…

February 13, 2020

myEspresso On GitHub

We -“myEspresso team”- have created a public repository on “GitHub” to publish non-commercial projects which we develop. We believe coding is fun and developing applications can make be a fun activity for us. Although, these applications are not so complicated or world-changing they might can fun and interesting for you. In the future, we will Read More…

February 1, 2020

Youth of myEspresso

In myEspresso we believe in empowering novice developers to be self-confidence, not only educating and guiding them in learning software engineering but also involving them in real projects and events. The 3rd Tehran ICT Challange in Fintech was on 8-9 August. myEspresso participated in the competition with two young developers(Ana and Saman) accompanied By Zahra Read More…

August 19, 2019

A healthy object oriented recipe for business applications

A Line-Of-Business application or for short a LOB application is a one of the critical computer applications that are vital to running an enterprise. LOB applications are usually large programs that contain a number of integrated capabilities and tie into databases and database management systems. These applications are responsible for integrating three fundamental pillars of Read More…

July 30, 2019